George's photos have been described as a blend of art and photography. His style is well established as both ethereal and powerfully subtle. Art directors who come to George know exactly what they are getting. As a result of his vast experience, he has the ability and confidence to pull off a technically challenging production and delivers a seamless image at the end of the day.

Art Directors have portrayed him as "a story teller in a single image, having the ability to bring life and humanity to his work." George's work has been described as "rich in layers of emotion, humour, irony, and even mystery."

His philosophy is that if you plan the shoot well beforehand, you have the time to "allow the magic to happen." Says George, "If I can stop someone and give them a momentary thoughtful pause, a smile, or a thought, then I have accomplished my mission."

George has been recognized as a leader in the photography field. He has won numerous world wide awards in his distinguished career.