1984, born in Palo Alto, CA 1986, Moved at the age of 2 to Hong Kong, then
Philly, then Illinois. I'm pretty sure I spent my toddler years having meltdowns
in a variety of cultures. 1997 - 99, Spent 2 years at Missouri Military Academy,
taking a few hits, and learning to control my tongue and dress impeccably
2000, 3 high schools, 3 states, finally graduated & moved to Hawaii because,
why not? 2004, no surf career, diagnosed with island fever, returned to the
mainland 2007, photojournalism degree achieved, studied abroad in Ghana,
Africa. Contracted Malaria twice and almost died. Decided to become a social
worker, then took a position as a Kindergarten teacher's assistant 2010,
Became a photographer.